Transfers from Dealers and Private Parties

Transfers from Dealers and Private Parties

(Transfer fees not applicable if you purchase from us)

We accept transfers from other dealers and private parties. Please contact us at prior to having any firearm shipped to us so we can make sure it's legal. 

We may also be able to get the firarm you want at a lower price and save you money on transfer fees.  If it's a current production item and it's not in stock at our website, please feel free to contact us before purchasing from someone else as we may be able to get it and save you some money. Bud's Gun Shop and Brownells can also be great sources. We are listed as a prefered dealer with Bud's and Brownells so you can designate us as the FFL you want it sent to at checkout without contacting us ahead of time.

Law Enforcement Officers wishing to have us get an off roster handgun, need to contact us directly because our distributors will only take those orders from us, not the general public. 

If your purchase is a handgun and you're not exempt (law enforcement for example), please check the roster of approved handguns to ensure it's California compliant.


Long guns: $125 + $25 CA DROS + 7.25% CA use tax (see below) + $10 each additional long gun.  AR Receivers are transfered as long guns.  Long Gun purchases now require a Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) if not exempt.  LEOs, Active military, valid CA hunting licensees.. are examples of exemptions.

Hand guns: $125 + $25 CA DROS +7.25% CA use tax (see below).  Handgun purchases require you to have an FSC or previous HSC, unless you are exempt. 

If you don't have an FSC (or HSC valid for handguns only), we administer the test and provide the cards.  The FSC test/card is $25.  FSC-study-guide

Hand guns must be on roster or a customers must be exempt from the roster.

Private party transfer (PPT)(both buyer and seller present at time of DROS start and both need either a CA DL or ID or active duty military ID: $10 + $25 CA DROS + $10 for each additional firarm.

Tracking information: It is the sole responsibility of the buyer/purchaser to track their own firearm shipments, we will not track it for you

Start of DROS  We can start the DROS as early as the day after the firearm is scheduled to arrive. Plan for about 30 minutes, 50 minutes if you need to take the FSC test.

Waiting period: California has a 10 day waiting period for all firearm transfers unless you are exempt.  This is 10 full 24 hour periods from the start of DROS.

Pickup: You should budget 15-30 minutes.  All you do is sign the DROS, 4473, perform the safety demonstration and sign the doc for that.

California Use tax (7.25% in Ventura County):  All firearm transfers from a business or FFL, must have use tax collected.  This includes out of state purchases.  Only private party transfers (described above) and sales from an individual non business and non FFL entity that "infrequently sells firearms" are exempt from this tax requirement.  All CA FFLs are on notice of this by the Franchise Tax Board.

Receipt/ seller information requirements:  A copy of the sales receipt is required if from a business or FFL.  No receipt is needed if PPT.  If the seller "infrequently sells firearms", A copy of the seller's drivers license and a letter from them describing the sale and that they are not a business or an FFL and that they "infrequently sells firearms" is required.

Purchase, Shipping process:  Once you know it's legal to buy and have shipped to us, simply make your purchase and provide us the seller's email address and phone number.  We'll provide them instuctions for shipping to us.

Thank you in advance for your business.