Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What is "the roster"?

A: The roster is the List of Handguns Certified for sale in California. For us to sell or FFL transfer you a handgun, it first needs to be on the roster, found here *: California Department of Justice (DOJ) 

*Sworn California law enforcement officers and Active Duty Military members can buy off roster handguns; need to be actively in the force with proof of I.D.


2. Q: What's the waiting period on getting a firearm?

A: Firearms can be picked up 10 days (10x 24 hour time periods = 240 hours) after we submit the DROS Form (Dealer Record of Sale). We will give you a specific time when we submit the form. 


3. Q: How often can I purchase a firearm?

 A: You may only purchase one (1) handgun or semi-automatic, centerfire rifle per thirty (30) days. Shotguns, frames/receivers, rimfire rifles, and manual action rifles such as bolt actions, pump actions, and lever actions are exempt from this prohibition.


4. Q:  What do I need to purchase a firearm? 

A: At the bare minimum you will need a valid California Driver's License (CADL) or Identification card (CAID), and a valid Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC) or an exemption from the FSC. Exemptions include a California CCW, Law Enforcement ID Card, or a military ID card.

If your CADL/CAID does not have the golden bear in the corner and instead reads "Federal Limits Apply" you will need to bring in proof of legal presence in the country. A proof of legal presence includes a US passport, US birth certificate, certificate of naturalization, permanent resident card (green card), or a combination of of a visa, I94, and hunting license.

If your CADL/CAID does not have your correct address on it, you will need something from the government that has your name and your address on it. Examples may include a document from the DMV, a utility bill from a municipality, property tax bill, or a license/permit from the government such as a fishing license, hunting license, CCW, pilot's license, guard card, etc.

For all handgun purchases you will be required to bring a proof of residency. The Department of Justice maintains a very short list which includes a utility bill showing service to your residence in the past 90 days, property deed, or a license/permit from the government such as that maintains a period of validity such as a fishing license, hunting license, CCW, guard card, etc.