Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What is "the roster" ? A: The roster is the List of Handguns Certified for sale in California. For us to sell you a handgun, it first needs to be on the roster, found here *: California Department of Justice (DOJ) 

*Sworn California law enforcement officers and Active Duty Military members can buy off roster handguns; need to be actively in the force with proof of I.D.

2. Q: What's the waiting period on getting a firearm? A: Firearms can be picked up 10 days (10x 24 hour time periods) after we submit the DROS Form (Dealer Record of Sale). We will give you a specific time when we submit the form. 

3. Q: How often can I purchase a firearm? A: One(1) handgun may be purchased every thirty(30) days. There is no quantity or time limit on long guns. 

4. Q:  What do I need to purchase a firearm? A: When going to make a purchase, you will need your FSC card* and  two** forms of identification that provides your residential address ex. CA Driver’s License with you current residential address, car registration in your name, utility bill in your name….

*FSC Card - Firearm Safety Certificate, required to make a firearm purchase. If you don’t have one, it’s a 30 question test we can provide here. The material is mostly common sense with a bit of California’s PC, a study guide can be found here at the DOJ of California's Bureau of Firearms

**Two(2) I.D.s are needed to purchase a handgun, one(1) is needed for the purchase of a long gun. 

5. Q: What are 80's? A: 80's, or 80%'s, are lower recievers that have only been 80% machined, therefore they do not have a 10 day waiting period and aren't considered a firearm. They do not come with an assigned serial number and have to be milled to be completed.