Our first priority is to have happy customers.  Please contact us if there is an issue with anything purchased from us that you think should be returned. If we have made a mistake, we will make every effort to correct that mistake. Please remember that returns, exchanges, and the like are solely at our discretion. 

If there is nothing functionally wrong with the product and VC Defense made no mistake with your order, we will continue to make the best effort toward your satisfaction. That being said, returns and exchanges are at our discretion. We will not accept product that is not in sellable condition. A 10% restocking fee will be charged as VC Defense is charged a credit card fee anytime we run the credit card machine. If any item was successfully packaged and shipped to you, shipping will not be refunded as the services billed by the USPS or FedEx was completed.



We ship through FedEx and USPS only.

Please note that FedEx Express only ships on business days. Express orders such as FedEx Overnight sent to us on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday does NOT guarantee delivery on the following Monday morning. Express shipping only covers time to deliver from FedEx to you, it does not guarantee instant or overnight order processing. Order processing, regardless of shipment method, still requires receiving the order, picking, packaging, and drop off.

We only ship to the United States.  Some products have restrictions as to where they can be shipped within the United States.  It is impossible for us to know all of these restrictions.  As a buyer, you are responsible for knowing if you are allowed to receive this item into you state, county, city. By placing an order with us, you are indemnifying VC Defense from harm as a result of your purchase.

We or our website will estimate shipping costs for you.

Most non-FFL items will ship out within 24 hours. However please allow 24 to 72 hours for order fulfillment. A shipping label and tracking number being generated does not mean the products have necessarily left the business. Once your product enters USPS or FedEx possession, we have no control over the speed of shipping.

FFL items will ship out after we have received everything that is required. Delays are often as a result of the receiving FFL not reaching out to us. Most items will ship out within 24 hours of receiving everything that is required. However please allow 24 to 72 hours for processing. A shipping label and tracking number being generated does not mean the products have necessarily left the business. Once your product enters FedEx possession, we have no control over the speed of shipping.


Shipments from Private Parties

VC Defense will accept firearms shipments from private sellers. Many FFLs will not. Contact us prior to shipping any firearm to us. The seller must provide us a legible copy of their driver's license before they ship to us.  Please email to Sales@VCDefense.com. The firearm must be shipped with insurance and Adult signature required. The seller must include receipt detailing the buyer's name and contact information as well as the selling price.


Bringing Firearms To Our Location For Transfer

Any firearms brought to our location must be unloaded and in a container. Please allow our employees to safety check the firearm before handling the firearm yourself.

Please do not pull a firearm out of your waistband under any circumstances. If you are carrying a concealed handgun, please keep it concealed.



Layaways are not offered by VC Defense.  We will accept on a case by case basis and 50% Non-Refundable deposit to hold an item or for a custom build.  Payment in full and the start of the DROS must be within 30 days of the initial deposit.


Firearm Cancellation/Denial Policy

Orders placed on our website are final.  Consider your order before entering your credit card for payment.  Credit card processing, pulling an packing your order for shipment costs us time and money.  VC Defense, at it's sole discretion will consider cancellation or change requests.  While we're under no obligation to do so, VC Defense wherever possible may provide options to the customer.  If VC Defense agrees to cancel an order and provide a refund, there will be a minimum 10% cancellation/ restocking fee.  This does not apply to special orders or custom builds.

If you put down a deposit on a special order or for a custom firearm build and decide to cancel after 7 days of the deposit or after the order has been placed by VC Defense or after the build has started, you will have forfieted your deposit and it will not returned to you. 


Special Order Policy

All custom/special orders must be paid in full in advance. Once placed, all special orders are FINAL.


Storage Fees:

$10 per day will be assessed for items left with us for over 60 days without prior arrangement.  Items left over 120 days will be considered abandoned property now owned by VC Defense and may be sold for storage fees.  The clock starts when an item arrives at VC Defense.