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  • California Compliant 10/32 (limited to 10 rounds) 9mm ASC magazine

    • Rivet method (long established CA process)
    • Not blocked/ riveted so you can clean under the follower
    • Not Crimped on all 4 corners
    • Not epoxied

    Product Description

    ASC 9mm Stainless Steel magazines are engineered with the highest levels of quality for durability and dependability, simply the best in the industry!  Our magazines are manufactured  100% start to finish in the USA using .020 gauge 410 Stainless Steel Alloy, heat treated for superior strength and lasting endurance.  Our magazines are chemically treated for corrosion resistance and coated with our proprietary finish, Marlube which is a wear-in not wear-off coating that burnishes into the surface providing self-lubricating properties. Once you try this magazine, it will be your number 1 choice!


    • Chrome Silicon Springs
    • Enhanced Anti-tilt Polymer Followers
    • 300 Series SS Floor plate-  Powder coated Matte Black

    READ, Understand And Agree to ALL of the Below before purchasing.

    Thank you for your business!

    These magazines are converted to 10 rounds in our factory by inserting a rivet in the back of the magazine which limits the travel of the follower which will not allow for more than 10 rounds.

    This is a method that has been used in California as a Permanent modification for many years, but is not explicitly stated as legal by the CA DOJ because they will not render legal determinations as will the ATF.

    Given the legislature has unsuccessfully attempted to ban this process (and others) and the lack of litigation over the course of many, many years, we consider this as a legal determination (implied) that this is a Legal permanent 10 round (10/30) magazine.

    Having said this:

    Customer Agreement (Read and Agree before purchasing):

    The customer (you) by purchasing this product Agree to hold VC Defense harmless should some overzealous agency cause you civil or criminal harm in any way with regard to this product's purchase, transfer, receipt, use...

    The customer (you) also agree not to make any attempts to (while within the borders of the state of California) make any modifications to this magazine to allow it to hold more than 10 rounds.  Further if you do (outside of California), that you will not Import them to California without first permanently modifying them to only hold 10 rounds.

    The customer (you) understand that if you are purchasing this magazine for shipment to a state other than California, that this may not be considered a legally configured 10 round magazine in your state or local area.  You further agree to determine if it's legal before purchasing them for shipment to your state and you indemnify (hold harmless) VC Defense from all harm.


    We have 20 and 30 round magazines available to locations that legally allow them as well as 10/20.

    You are taking complete legal responsibility for these once they are shipped by VC Defense.

    May not be legal in some states and local locations.