Taran Tactical John Wick 3 2011 Combat Master Sight-Block, 9mm, CA-LEGAL

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When John Wick needed guns... lots of guns, he chose the major firepower of the TTI 2011 Combat Master to fight the heavily armored emissaries. Over a quarter century of shooting and innovation has gone into the design of this high performance 2011 from none other than Taran Butler, the last Combat Master. Just a few of Taran's accomplishments with the 2011 platform include over 40 Southwest Pistol League title defenses, the first ever USPSA National Tactical Champion & Triple Crown Winner, 15-Time National Champion, 7-Time Ft. Benning Multi Gun National Champion, and Multi-time IDPA National Champion. This updated version of the ultimate JW3 handgun already holds multiple National Championship titles. 


  • 5.4 Inch Match Grade Sight Block Barrel
  • FDE/Bronze DLC coated Barrel
  • Black DLC coated Slide and Frame
  • Combat Master Slide Cuts
  • Aftec Extractor
  • Extreme Engineering LiteSpeed Fire Control Group (Hammer & Sear)
  • TTI Fiber optic front sight and Ken Sight adjustable rear sight
  • New Extended Slide Release
  • New extended Mag release
  • 1.75-2.5 LBS trigger pull
  • Stainless Steel Guide Rod
  • TTI Grip job

The JW3 Sight Block has all the features that we love about the traditional JW3 Combat Master but now features a Sight Block. A Sight Block is like a Island Barrel or Sight Tracker but has a bit more weight at the end of the barrel. The front sight stays static while the slide reciprocates and the added material (Sight Block) at the end of the barrel helps minimize the recoil. The end result is a pistol that has less recoil and easier sight acquisition making for one accurate and fast shooting firearm.