Franklin Armory CA7 5.56mm CA Legal AR Pistol

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$37.19 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Franklin Armory® presents the CA7®, the first AR pistol on the California DOJ Approved Safe Handgun Roster. The CA7® has a 10 round detachable magazine, 7.5" barrel with an FST™ M-Lok compatible handguard. The CA7® gives Californians a clear and legal path to owning AR platform pistols even under the most restrictive conditions.


The CA7® features:

 Barrel Length + Type

 7.5” Medium Contour


 7” FST™


 Optics Ready



 Charging Handle


 Bolt Carrier

 Salt Bath Nitride




 CA Trigger


 Action Type

 Bolt Action Repeater

 Muzzle Device




 Pistol Buffer Tube

 Foam Cheek Pad




 Detachable 10/20 or Magpul 10 RD


 5.56 NATO

Shipping is a fixed $37.19 to cover the California DROS fee for completing the paperwork in our store. Or we can ship the firearm to your local FFL dealership. Cancellations will incur a 10% restocking fee.