BCM KMR Alpha 13

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BCM KMR Alpha 13 - KeyMod Free Float Handguard  

  • Manufactured from aluminum
  • Handguard weighs 7.8oz
  • Mounting hardware, 2.4oz, for a total of 10.2oz on a 13" rail
  • 1.3” Inner Diameter
  • 1.5” OUTSIDE flat to flat.
  • Handguard flares forward (towards muzzle end) at the 3 and 9 O'clock positions approximately 1/4"
  • Actual length when measured to flare is 13.4"
  • The KMR barrel nut will fit over all mil-spec diameter barrels (max of 1")
  • Hardcoat anodized for corrosion resistance as well as to maintain a non-reflective finish
  • Allows for a larger range of modularity offering 4 different offset mounting positions between traditional 3,6,9, and 12:00 positions

 Made in USA

*Includes BCM® KeyMod™ Sling Mount 

“Please note: Nylon/Polymer Picatinny rail sections are for NON-load bearing accessories only. For load bearing accessories, we recommend aluminum Picatinny rail sections. Do NOT exceed 20 in/lbs. when securing KeyMod™ Fasteners on Polymer accessories. Aluminum Picatinny rail sections may be torqued to 30 in/lbs”

Installation manual for the BCM KMR Handguard