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The 33.3 Tactical AR-10 Cal-Catch is a California compliant device that securely fixes the magazine to the firearm. It is a bolt on system that replaces the mil-spec bolt-catch. This is the unmodified version which locks the bolt to the rear on the last round fired which must be released before removing the magazine. *This version is for the AR-10 platform ONLY. We are out of stock of the AR-15 version and unable to restock at this time. All sales on this item are final, we will not accept ANY returns, exchanges or refunds!

*NOTE: Due to the varying tolerances and designs of AR-10 receivers this kit may require modification in order to function properly. Therefore it is store policy that we will NOT accept any returns on this item whatsoever, again ALL SALES ARE FINAL! By purchasing this product you are agreeing to this policy!